Hey guys ! Again sorry for not updating in so long, I’ll try to update in the next couple of days.

I’ve noticed there has been a sudden influx of followers lately, so I’d like to know how you found my blog! If you don’t mind me asking.

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Anonymous asked: Do you still take requests for Kris scenarios ?

Yes I do!

Hey guys ! Again sorry for not updating in so long, I’ll try to update in the next couple of days.

I’ve noticed there has been a sudden influx of followers lately, so I’d like to know how you found my blog! If you don’t mind me asking.

Thanks guys!

Anonymous asked: Hi! I wanted to check if you are still actve on this blog? I sent a Suho scenario request on 6/8.I was wondering if it will still be written or maybe you never recieved it, thanks!

I haven’t gotten to your request yet!

I write whenever I’m inspired to write, otherwise the outcome won’t be so great. My last scenario for example, I believe could’ve been written a lot better.

I choose which requests to write randomly, so there are several requests that are dated months ago and I apologize for that!

There are over 70 requests in my inbox at the moment, so it’ll take a while to get through them all.

I’m sorry for not being so active guys, but I haven’t given up on this blog! I still really enjoy writing and your requests are all very interesting. Thank you for reading my scenarios I really appreciate it!

One Odd Family - Lay

Requested by Anonymous

   It was your average Sunday afternoon, a day spent lazily alongside the man you loved the most. Despite the warm weather that accompanied the season, you happily sipped the steaming coffee drink you held between your hands; enjoying the sweet taste of its surface. After a burn of the tongue or two, you placed the white mug back on the table to cool; slipping a warm hand underneath the table and intertwining your fingers with his.  The sounds of spoons clinging against coffee cups and mindless chatter between guests filled the coffee shop, soothing you as you shared a moment of blissful silence with him. 

   Everything was perfect. A day spent with Lay without interferences is already perfect in itself, but today was too good to be true. However, the comfortable silence you both shared was quickly broken when you felt him shift in his seat to face you. 

   ”You know, we’ve been dating for a long time now and I’ve never met your family before.”


   ”When can I meet them?” he asked.

   The question caught you off guard, you weren’t so sure how to answer. “Well.. I don’t know.”

   ”How about today?” he asked, swirling the spoon inside his coffee cup.

   You watched him as he fiddled with the spoon, trying to come up with an answer that wouldn’t seem so harsh. 

   ”Well…” you began, “We’re a pretty huge family.”

   ”So?” he asked with a smile.

   His smile, something you could never resist.

   With your fingers still wrapped around his, you picked up the mug with your free hand and sipped the coffee carefully to prevent further burns, ”Fine then. After I finish this.”

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Language Barriers - Lay


             Requested by Anonymous

               Lay sat back against the wall and raised the volume up as far as his earphones could go, losing himself in the music and tuning out the rest of the world. His fellow band members sat around the practice room as well, waiting patiently for their manager’s instruction. For once, the practice room was completely silent. Replacing the usual disruptive side conversations and booming laughter the boys always shared.  Questions ran through each of their minds, unsure if they were ready for what was coming. Not only was today the day they’ve all been waiting for, it was also the day they dreaded the most. It was time to learn the choreography to their third title track “Growl” after a long hiatus.  Unfortunately for Lay, like the other members, he wasn’t prepared. 

                Lay loves to dance, but he has never been quite satisfied with his own skills. He’s always envied Kai for his fluid moves, and wondered how he could improve himself to reach the younger member’s level. In EXO-M, Lay was known as the Dancing Machine, but as EXO became one, the title was taken away. He didn’t mind this though, for he too believed the title should go to Kim Jongin; the extremely talented ballet dancer.  This doesn’t change the fact that dancing is Lay’s passion, and as he sat quietly in that practice room, off in his own little world, he promised himself that he’d give it his all during this comeback. No matter what happens, he would try his best to improve alongside the others.

                He mouthed the words you can do it to himself repeatedly, but all  thoughts that were running frantically through his mind were soon forgotten when you, the choreographer, stepped onto the dance floor.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Ahhg your blog is just so awesome! Ok so, i want to request a scenario in which lay finds out you have a really unconventional family, in the way that you have 2 stepfathers, one is your mom's ex husband, but he responds and treats you as his own, just like your mom's actual husband (and they're both friends) you have two siblings one for each dad, also you have a stepmom and a stepsister. and a whole bunch of weird family (your dad passed away). Sorry if its weird :P thank you!

Oh my gosh I know I just recently wrote a Lay scenario but this sounds like a really cute and funny idea. I’d love to write it next :)) !

Let’s Go - Sehun

Requested by Anonymous

     It was Friday afternoon, the last day of school, and the final bell of the year had finally rung. Students eagerly rushed out from their classrooms, cheering and yelling happily through the hallways as they walked towards their freedom. It was the moment every student had been waiting for since day one, and it had students tossing their school work in the air cheerfully with relief.  

     You followed your friends out towards the front gate steadily to prevent any accidents, but your friends walked too fast for your pace and you were afraid you’d lose them. 

     ”You guys seriously need to slow down!” you yelled behind them.

     The girls stopped right in their tracks and waited for you to catch up, “Well you know how bad the parking lot gets.” one of your friends replied. 

     You nodded in understanding, but the issue was none of your concern. Unlike your friends who all knew how to drive, you haven’t had the time to practice, or rather, you haven’t tried. 

     ”I was thinking that we should hang out at my place after the movie, what do you guys think?” a friend asks. 

     The girls all nodded in agreement, you however, had other plans after the movie and can’t attend. It wasn’t your curfew or anything, but you promised to meet with someone afterwards and you couldn’t just blow them off. Especially since you haven’t seen them in a very long time. Before you could protest, a pair of arms snaked around your shoulders. The foreign person placed their hands over your eyes to cover them while slyly whispering, “Guess who?” in your ear.  

    His voice was deep, soothing even, but you had no idea who it was. 

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Anonymous asked: Hi~~~I really love your blog hehe^^ May I request a scenario when sehun picks u up from school and all your classmates are fangirling over him?? Sorry for my bad english and thankyou<3

Sure! This will be my next scenario :) and your english is fine ~

Requests Open!

I don’t choose what I’m writing in order, I usually just choose whichever scenario request I’m in the mood to write. Therefore, I am keeping requests open from now on.

For new readers who aren’t familiar with this blog: You may also ask questions along the lines of “How do you think (member) would react to…” or “How would (member) be like as a boyfriend” and questions of the like. This also includes questions that are nsfw (because we’re all curious right?).

Happy reading lovelies ~ ❤️

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